8 Tips for Drivers in Winter

According to data gathered by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Department, 98 percent of the average annual occupational truck driver fatalities were transportation incidents. 24 percent of these transportation incidents occurred during the winter months; between December and February. At Waller Truck, we pride ourselves on putting safety first and avoiding accidents whenever possible.

CES and Trucking Technology

Have you been keeping tabs on what’s new in trucking technology? If not, don’t panic. At Waller Truck, our team is excited to bring you info about the latest and greatest consumer technologies of this year.

Meet a Waller Office Employee

As a new feature of our blog, our goal is to introduce you to a Waller office employee. This month, we are featuring Maddie Welch. Maddie is a Regional Customer Service Manager. Her focus is on growing the RDC program.